Drew Faithful is our lead digital strategist. He is not only responsible for managing most of our digital team, but also oversees much of the digital strategy that we implement for our clients. Drew is eager to learn the most effective ways to communicate with digital tools and spends a great deal of his personal time as a student of our industry.

Drew is a natural creative, with experience designing custom graphics and developing WordPress websites. He is also adept at comprehending the desires of others, communicating strategy and design concepts and transforming information collected along the way into completed projects that exceed the expectations of those involved.

As the demand for video marketing has grown, Drew has also learned animation and is responsible for the development of animated marketing and content videos that Proximo Marketing Strategies now offers.

Drew lives in Williamsburg, Virginia, and is the proud parent of a beautiful 8 year old girl, Allyson.  He is dedicated to the success of those he works with and manages our digital team professionally, creatively and effectively!