One option available to help establish and cultivate relationships is to invite your customers or referral network to a keynote presentation. We offer presentations on a variety of marketing subjects both digital and traditional, and we’re happy to help you plan an event that is sure to make you or your company look like the hero.

The generational gap is shifting whether you’re ready or not. Learn from our International speakers what that means for your business or non-profit. We eat, sleep and breathe this stuff.

Presentation Topic Library

  • Marketing in the 21st Century

    Broad-level overview of digital marketing, from website strategies and search engine optimization to driving traffic to your website and converting visitors into customers. This is a comprehensive presentation that will require three hours on-site.

  • Small Business Networking

    Focused on person-to-person networking, this presentation covers the basics and dives into best practices and new tools available to be a more effective networker and to close more business.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Learn how to make your website show up on the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo! Understand what make search engines tick and what you need to do to make them happy. Use tools to analyze your online presence and improve your placement in search.

  • Branding Your Small Business

    This presentation is for new and seasoned business owners alike. Learn the various elements of a successful branding strategy, including brand identity, customer service, networking and advertising. Explore integrated strategies to maximize your brand’s reach.

  • Website Conversion Strategies

    Learn how to optimize your website to keep visitors on your site longer, view more content and convert more visitors to leads. Learn strategies to capture information from anonymous visitors so you can get them into your sales funnel.

  • Email Marketing

    Learn how to start and grow an email list of loyal customers. Explore strategies to keep subscribers engaged, drive traffic to your website, integrate with social media and online reviews and drive more sales to your businesses with this presentation.

  • Social Media Marketing

    In this presentation, we cover multiple aspects of social media. Explore the different platforms for engaging your audience, learn what types of posts generate the greatest response, master advertising on social media and much more.

  • Master Facebook 101

    With over 1 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the most popular social media service online today. This presentation is a broad overview of how to use Facebook business and event pages effectively to communicate with your audience.

  • Master Facebook 201

    Beyond growing your audience and getting your message right, Facebook offers many tools to help you succeed. This presentation covers understanding Facebook Insights; creating ads to promote your page, posts and events; and integrating Facebook with your website.

  • Effective Blogging

    Blogs play a significant role in the Internet information structure. Businesses today are using blogs as the online version of the magazine airlines keep in the seat back pocket. Learn how to master your blog and get your business found online.

  • Measuring Your ROI

    In the 21st Century, there is no reason why you cannot effectively measure every marketing strategy you employ. In this presentation, we cover tools and strategies to effectively measure traditional and online marketing in order to maximize your return on investment.

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