Secrets of Facebook Reactions

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Showing a little love goes a little further than before. In February 2016, the social networking site launched its emoji reaction feature, as an alternative to the iconic “like” button. Users can now choose from “Like”, “Love”, “Sad”, “Angry”, and “Wow” reactions. But for businesses, this means more than just cute face below their posts. Because of the algorithm changes … Read More

Tiny Screens, Fat Fingers & The Demise of Your Website in Online Search Results

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For the first time, your website being “mobile-friendly” is going to have a measurable impact on your business. Before we get into this, stop reading and do a search on Google for the product or service that you offer in the location that you serve. For Proximo, I may type into Google “SEO Companies in Virginia.” Okay, now that you’re … Read More

Google Partners Connect: The Value of Digital Marketing

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If you didn’t get the opportunity to join us for our Google Partners Connect lunch and learn on February 11, Google was gracious enough to make a recording of the livestream available for playback at any time. If you’re looking for new ways to grow and think that the Internet may hold some of the clues, this you’re in the … Read More