Secrets of Facebook Reactions

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Showing a little love goes a little further than before. In February 2016, the social networking site launched its emoji reaction feature, as an alternative to the iconic “like” button. Users can now choose from “Like”, “Love”, “Sad”, “Angry”, and “Wow” reactions. But for businesses, this means more than just cute face below their posts. Because of the algorithm changes … Read More

Finding Your Magic Number

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  Ever wonder how much  money you should invest into your marketing? Want to know what the magic number is, that will yield you the greatest return? 5% 10% 20%? Well that depends on you! In other words, contrary to what you may have heard recommended, the truth is that there is no “magic number.” I’ll show you why. Say … Read More

5 Ways Millennials Work Better Than You

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When the traditional adult thinks of a typical millennial, they might use some unflattering words. Admit it, you’ve thought it before. Using words like “lazy” or “high maintenance” to describe their way of thinking. Our way of life was founded on the idea that working hard and not asking questions are the keys to being “successful.” If you are one … Read More

Is Google Going to Delete My Business Listing?

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Being on Google – specifically showing up high in search results when someone types in a product or service that you offer – is extremely valuable. In 2011, the PewResearch Internet Project did a survey whose results suggested that over 90% of American adults use search engines – 59% on a regular basis. Research from indicates that 77% of people will click on the … Read More

Is Your Message Fragmented?

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I attend a monthly meet-up held at the William & Mary Technology & Business Incubator that is designed as a resource for entrepreneurs to meet potential investors and collaborators, to share ideas and to learn from experienced entrepreneurs, academics and start-up professionals from Richmond to Virginia Beach. I hadn’t gone for a while, but made the commitment to attend the last two meetings. … Read More