Stand Out With Instagram

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Visuals are a huge part of being successful on social media, whether it is photos or videos, your customers want to SEE what you are up to. Not read about it. While Facebook remains the number one social media platform for businesses, Instagram is rising as a visual star. Instagram allows you to share one image, multiple images, and videos, … Read More

Employee Communication through Facebook Groups

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Keeping your employees up to date on all the major details of your business can be harder than you think. As your business grows, your network of employees grows right along with it. With so many different jobs to do, it can be hard to stay on track. Get everyone on the same page by creating a private Facebook Group … Read More

Developing the Healthcare Industry through Facebook

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As marketers, we know Facebook is a major platform for advertising that is focused on developing brand awareness and interacting directly with consumers. But there is more to it for businesses that fall outside of retail, food-service, and home-improvement service sectors. Just like these businesses, those in healthcare can use the digital space to acquire customers and build relationships with … Read More

Cross Promotion Is The Key

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As we all know contests are great for social media. They are the perfect way to get more page likes, post interactions, and reviews. But to really see the biggest bang for your buck, put your contest on steroids by joining forces with strategic partners and rolling out a cross promotional contest! People these days are extremely busy, so incentivizing them … Read More

Do We Really Need A Business Facebook Page?

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As we all know Facebook has a huge following, but do you know just HOW huge? Facebook has nearly 1.6 billion active users, so it’s pretty dang likely that your target audience is on there too. Because of the number of people using the platform, and to ensure a good user experience, Facebook created an algorithm to help users regularly … Read More

Don’t Sleep on SEO

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Many business owners and marketing directors have an overwhelming understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They have a constant desire to learn more and more about Google algorithm updates and the latest tools….. said no-one ever. Hold on. At this point, some of you might be thinking; “What the heck is Search Engine Optimization?” If this is you, take a … Read More

From a Millennial to You, Take the Risk

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When people say words like new or change, Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers will run the other way. New is scary, new means risk, new means “oh hell no”. For Millennials, new, change, and risk mean “let’s do this!” Growing up with continuous developments in the technology world and in the way we communicate, we have become adept to change. … Read More

Video Marketing: Facts You Need To Know

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The first video to go viral was in 1995. Since then, video has grown as a marketing medium that consistently produces results for steadily growing companies. Video services developed in the mid-2000’s and have continued to rise to the challenges of new demands. For example, Facebook launched in 2007 and was video-capable. In 2016, they launched their live video feature … Read More

Secrets of Facebook Reactions

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Showing a little love goes a little further than before. In February 2016, the social networking site launched its emoji reaction feature, as an alternative to the iconic “like” button. Users can now choose from “Like”, “Love”, “Sad”, “Angry”, and “Wow” reactions. But for businesses, this means more than just cute face below their posts. Because of the algorithm changes … Read More

Inside Business – Courtney’s Women of Excellence Nomination

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At work Courtney Buzzell is the owner of Proximo Marketing Strategies, a full-service marketing firm based out of Yorktown and serving clients all across the country. She also works as adjunct faculty member at Thomas Nelson Community College, educating students on best practices for marketing in the 21st century. Home and family She is the proud parent of a spunky … Read More