Don’t Sleep on SEO

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Many business owners and marketing directors have an overwhelming understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They have a constant desire to learn more and more about Google algorithm updates and the latest tools….. said no-one ever. Hold on. At this point, some of you might be thinking; “What the heck is Search Engine Optimization?” If this is you, take a … Read More

From a Millennial to You, Take the Risk

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When people say words like new or change, Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers will run the other way. New is scary, new means risk, new means “oh hell no”. For Millennials, new, change, and risk mean “let’s do this!” Growing up with continuous developments in the technology world and in the way we communicate, we have become adept to change. … Read More

Video Marketing: Facts You Need To Know

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The first video to go viral was in 1995. Since then, video has grown as a marketing medium that consistently produces results for steadily growing companies. Video services developed in the mid-2000’s and have continued to rise to the challenges of new demands. For example, Facebook launched in 2007 and was video-capable. In 2016, they launched their live video feature … Read More

Secrets of Facebook Reactions

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Showing a little love goes a little further than before. In February 2016, the social networking site launched its emoji reaction feature, as an alternative to the iconic “like” button. Users can now choose from “Like”, “Love”, “Sad”, “Angry”, and “Wow” reactions. But for businesses, this means more than just cute face below their posts. Because of the algorithm changes … Read More

Facebook Rolls Out Live Splitscreen

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As If It Was Any Surprise…. Facebook released yet another feature for the dominant platform. The reigning king of social media platforms has always stayed ahead of the curve to provide the best experience for it’s users. Over the years, Facebook has adapted the features of many other popular platforms to become a one stop shop for your social networking … Read More

Rockstars Only – The 5 Essential Players in Your Business Squad

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Take a Look Around You. When a business is started, business relationships are being built, and dreams of a successful and prosperous business are coming together, you want to be sure that you are surrounding yourself with the right “type” of people. Of course, you want to succeed and you need those in your corner who will help you and … Read More

Guest Blog: Circle The Wagons by Shelley Smith

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LOOKING TO INCREASE YOUR EXPOSURE AND OVERALL REVENUE? Well of course – who isn’t? It is time to circle the wagons. Let’s unite together to serve our common interests, our clients. There are many ways to grow your business whether you are a sole-proprietor, small business owner, midsize or even large organization. The world is your oyster if you allow … Read More

“Ditching the Joneses” and Embracing Authenticity in Your Business

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By Timorah Beales I attended my first choice college, Christopher Newport University, at age 16. I was actually one of the youngest students on record to have attended. Half high achiever. Half nerd. I believe attending college at such a young age played into this, but I ended up getting pregnant during my freshman year. Sadly, the relationship was … Read More