Endangered Species: Business Owners Who Skip Facebook

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I remember when I first entered the technology industry, I talked to business owners who would say, “What do I need a website for? All of my business is done right here in my shop!” But long gone are the days when I hear business owners say that. For the most part, they’ve not only conceded to the fact that they … Read More

Promote Annual Events With Facebook Pages

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Last fall I had the pleasure of teaching a series of workshops for Network Williamsburg called Facebook for Nonprofits. In the one of the sessions, I discussed using a Facebook Page to promote annual events as opposed to just creating a Facebook Event. A page will allow you to do many things that you cannot do with a simple Facebook Event. Here some … Read More

Local Marketing – Inexpensive, Fast Results

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We spent most of our time working with small businesses to help them grow locally. While some of our clients have multiple locations, there are many things you can do even if you have one location that can have a major impact. Our goal is to educate our clients on various digital marketing strategies so they don’t get stuck in … Read More

How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business

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Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks online and shouldn’t be ignored as an opportunity to promote your business. Here is a great info graphic from MDG Advertising on how to use Pinterest to reach new customers. To view a larger graphic, click here. Infographic by MDG Advertising

Who Really Pays for Advertising?

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Although I am in the advertising industry, I have a hard time with the constant bombardment of ads on television and I have avoided subscribing to cable until my recent engagement.  My fiancé has been a cable subscriber for some time and it looks like this will be one of many battles to come that I will lose. Having spent … Read More