Rockstars Only – The 5 Essential Players in Your Business Squad

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Take a Look Around You. When a business is started, business relationships are being built, and dreams of a successful and prosperous business are coming together, you want to be sure that you are surrounding yourself with the right “type” of people. Of course, you want to succeed and you need those in your corner who will help you and … Read More

Guest Blog: Circle The Wagons by Shelley Smith

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LOOKING TO INCREASE YOUR EXPOSURE AND OVERALL REVENUE? Well of course – who isn’t? It is time to circle the wagons. Let’s unite together to serve our common interests, our clients. There are many ways to grow your business whether you are a sole-proprietor, small business owner, midsize or even large organization. The world is your oyster if you allow … Read More

“Ditching the Joneses” and Embracing Authenticity in Your Business

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By Timorah Beales I attended my first choice college, Christopher Newport University, at age 16. I was actually one of the youngest students on record to have attended. Half high achiever. Half nerd. I believe attending college at such a young age played into this, but I ended up getting pregnant during my freshman year. Sadly, the relationship was … Read More

Proximo Voted One of The Top Advertising Agencies in Virginia Beach!

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We are excited to announce that out of 288 advertising agencies in Virginia Beach, Proximo Marketing Strategies, LLC was voted as one of the top 18 in 2016 by Expertise!  Expertise’s goal is to connect people with the best of the best in local areas, and we were one of them.  Expertise analyzes each company by scoring on over 25 different variables … Read More

Using Pokémon Go for Marketing. Lure in the Customers!

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Pokémon Go is the latest fad to sweep the nation. That’s nothing new. You hear about it on the radio, the T.V. and on social media. Anyone can see the increased number of people wandering the streets staring at their phones playing the game. Pokémon Go has been great; It’s been entertaining people while also encouraging them to get out … Read More

Get the Word Out With Social Media

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Social Media is where we spend over 25% of our time online. Why not promote and market on social media then like the already 80% of marketers do?  The key is whether or not you promote it efficiently and effectively. Using Social Media to reach your target audience is too easy and rewarding to not take advantage of it for … Read More

SEO Results: How Long Does It Take?

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Let’s be honest, SEO sounds complicated to those who don’t understand it. Many business owners push the idea to the side and those who attempt it without the knowledge tend to fail or don’t see the results that they were expecting.  The experts will tell you that it is okay to feel discouraged, but SEO results do take some time.  Your … Read More